If you’re preparing for a tech inteview as a DevOps Engineer (or a Cloud Infrastructure, Linux, Networking, or other ops Engineer), you’ve found the right place. Take our quiz to see how well prepared you are for the most popular tech interview questions, and then follow the learning track for the subjects you’re weak on.

If you’re new, learn how to use this library. We’ve specifically designed our content to help you get hired for a DevOps / SRE role with a minimum of fuss.


DevOps and SRE

The main bulk of our Library is text and video interview prep content for DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) roles.

We have some specific DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering interview questions/answers, but there are also several other important components of a DevOps/SRE interview:

Linux – Linux knowledge is an expected foundation for the vast majority of cloud infrastructure, security, and application development/software engineering jobs.

Cloud Infrastructure – a vast majority of the jobs where you’ll be treated well, paid well, and get to work with new and interesting technology feature large amounts of cloud infrastructure. You need to know the basics (preferably much more) of at least one large cloud provider’s infrastructure offerings — AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

Networking – Most jobs will have you working on large infrastructure with complex networking (and occasionally hairy network bugs to track down). Networking questions feature on most DevOps interviews.

Security – Host, Network, and Application security concepts are important to know if you’re working on web applications, cloud infrastructure, and distributed systems in general. Expect some security questions on every interview.


Live Practice Interviews

If you’re serious about getting a DevOps/SRE job, you can practice a standard DevOps/SRE interview LIVE over zoom with one of us (Jeff and Dave both have ~10 years in DevOps and SRE at companies you’ve heard of, and we’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates at all experience levels).

We’ll give you detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, along with specific tips for improving your interview performance and signalling competence.


Behavioral Interview Questions

A significant portion of your interviewing process at any company will be spent answering nontechnical and behavioral interview questions. Whether it’s during your phone screen, in a ”culture fit” interview, or just during an idle moment during a technical interview, you should be extremely well-prepared to answer these questions.

The reality is that often, the person who seems competent and likeable will get a job offer before the person who is stronger technically but not as personable. We can all either complain about this, or use it as motivation to strengthen our “soft” skills. Your choice!