Thanks for your interest — I’m currently not booking practice interviews because I don’t have the time. Check back in a few months.



Register for a practice interview: a realistic, 60-minute DevOps interview and feedback session (~45 min interview, ~15 min warmup and feedback). This is the same kind of interview that Jeff and I give to DevOps and SRE candidates at our respective companies. It’s a broad DevOps interview that’s designed to get a feel for your strengths and weaknesses in the many areas of knowledge/skill that modern DevOps and Infrastructure roles require.

A recording of the interview will be provided to you so you can review your performance feedback, although we require that you do not share the interview publicly.

We cover (customized to your wishes):

  • Linux
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • DevOps culture
  • CI/CD
  • Basic Networking
  • Scripting and Programming (optional)
  • Basic Web Security (optional)
  • Distributed Systems (optional)


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